My First Post!

So we all know how time gets away sometimes.

Well, in the Art and Performing Arts rooms, I have found that time has just dropped beneath me, leaving it to term three! (can you believe it’s come up so fast..) to write my first post.

Welcome to this space if you haven’t been here already!

I have had a terrific first semester with the students. It has been a pleasure meeting all the new faces and personalities in the school. As most of you will already be aware, I teach both the Visual Art and Performing Art programs. This semester, students have swapped, so Prep – 2 are now doing performing arts and 3-6 are doing visual art. I have already begun to notice how different parts of students’ personalities and talents are pulled out in the two different arts areas.

I will be posting the curriculum outlines for this semester in the next few weeks. In brief:

Grades 5/6 will be working on stop-motion animations and we need lamps (the bedside table variety preferably) and digital cameras for the project. So if you’ve got any lying about collecting dust, please send them in with your children. If you’d like a HUGE example of a terrific stop-motion project, click this link! And to learn how it was done…

Grades 3/4 will be focusing on Science and Art. They have already started a time-lapse photography project to document crystal growing and evaporation. They’ll also be exploring the effect light and shadow on 2D images and learning to use watercolours to create shadow effects. Next term the students will be creating a group mosaic using plastic bottle lids. If you’re about to throw out the milk or juice bottles, please save the lids and send them in with your children.

Grades Prep -2 will be exploring all things animal in dance, drama and music through songs and chants, percussion instruments, role plays and learning to use their voices and bodies just like the animals around us.

Students will be uploading photos of their work in the art room as it is created so watch this space!

Thanks! Fiona