My First Post!

So we all know how time gets away sometimes.

Well, in the Art and Performing Arts rooms, I have found that time has just dropped beneath me, leaving it to term three! (can you believe it’s come up so fast..) to write my first post.

Welcome to this space if you haven’t been here already!

I have had a terrific first semester with the students. It has been a pleasure meeting all the new faces and personalities in the school. As most of you will already be aware, I teach both the Visual Art and Performing Art programs. This semester, students have swapped, so Prep – 2 are now doing performing arts and 3-6 are doing visual art. I have already begun to notice how different parts of students’ personalities and talents are pulled out in the two different arts areas.

I will be posting the curriculum outlines for this semester in the next few weeks. In brief:

Grades 5/6 will be working on stop-motion animations and we need lamps (the bedside table variety preferably) and digital cameras for the project. So if you’ve got any lying about collecting dust, please send them in with your children. If you’d like a HUGE example of a terrific stop-motion project, click this link! And to learn how it was done…

Grades 3/4 will be focusing on Science and Art. They have already started a time-lapse photography project to document crystal growing and evaporation. They’ll also be exploring the effect light and shadow on 2D images and learning to use watercolours to create shadow effects. Next term the students will be creating a group mosaic using plastic bottle lids. If you’re about to throw out the milk or juice bottles, please save the lids and send them in with your children.

Grades Prep -2 will be exploring all things animal in dance, drama and music through songs and chants, percussion instruments, role plays and learning to use their voices and bodies just like the animals around us.

Students will be uploading photos of their work in the art room as it is created so watch this space!

Thanks! Fiona

3/4B Photographic Manipulations

3/4B went outside armed with a variety of digital cameras. The cameras were different strengths, different ages and varied capabilities. But, we soon discovered that it was not the the strength of the camera that was important when getting a good photo. It is the eye of the photographer that makes the difference. There are some pretty good eyes in this grade.

We then uploaded the photos to Paint.NET so we could manipulate them. We changed the colours of the images. We added effects and cropped them. However, the students were careful to not go too far. This was the main purpose of the lesson. Don’t let the media control you – YOU must be in charge of the media you are using.

I think you will agree that the students definitely took control in this exercise.


3/4B Irregular Pictures (pictures from straight line shapes)

In art we like to draw things, but not just drawing.

First we draw a picture, we were only allowed to draw our picture with straight lines, then we separate the picture into different parts and finally we coloured those parts in to make it look exciting, scary and beautiful.

When we did it we were told that we could draw anything thing that we wanted to. Most of us were drawing faces. Declan did a weird guy with a green Mohawk and he had awesome shades. Lilli did a girl with yellow and orange hair with a brown scarf. Erica drew a colourful fish called Ore and it was jumping out of her bowl. Jacob drew a colourful bear called Tedderusa.

Overall we really enjoyed drawing a picture with only straight lines and colouring them into different sections.

Please let us know what you think by  leaving a comment.

Lilli and Declan

3/4B Still Life Drawings

Andy has asked us to write about one thing that we have been working on lately in Art and we decided to do still life. Still life is an art where you draw something that is not moving and it is something that is in front of you. When we did still life Andy had set up some jars and gave us the challenge of drawing what we could see of them from the angle we were at. It was quite hard to draw the jars because he asked us to make it 3D and include all of the shadow. Overall I liked it and it was fun.

What do you think of our finished pictures? Leave a comment and let us know.