3/4B Irregular Pictures (pictures from straight line shapes)

In art we like to draw things, but not just drawing.

First we draw a picture, we were only allowed to draw our picture with straight lines, then we separate the picture into different parts and finally we coloured those parts in to make it look exciting, scary and beautiful.

When we did it we were told that we could draw anything thing that we wanted to. Most of us were drawing faces. Declan did a weird guy with a green Mohawk and he had awesome shades. Lilli did a girl with yellow and orange hair with a brown scarf. Erica drew a colourful fish called Ore and it was jumping out of her bowl. Jacob drew a colourful bear called Tedderusa.

Overall we really enjoyed drawing a picture with only straight lines and colouring them into different sections.

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Lilli and Declan