5/6A magazine portraits

The purpose of these lessons was to teach the kids the basics of the drawing process, as well as giving them a starting point for painting.

The drawing process is made up of two major components. The first stage is sketching. Sketching is like a story plan. It is the stage where the artist is able to make mistakes, correct errors with proportion and shape, and ensure they have the solid groundwork for a successful drawing. Like writing a story, the plan needs to make sense. If the plan is no good, then chances are the story will be no good. It is during the planning stage, or sketching stage in regard to drawing, that the artist sets the foundations for a successful art piece.

Once the sketching is finished, the artist can go to the second stage – drawing. This is where the artist completes the picture by building on the established sketch. It’s a tricky process and takes practice. It has to be learned. But, if you follow the stages, and establish a good foundation for your drawing, you are more likely to be successful.

Happy drawing!